The national award-winning magazine has been published since 1993 and is the state’s original family publication. Regular features include product round-ups, profiles of individuals involved in children’s lives, a calendar of family events and monthly columns that offer expert perspectives on health and education issues. Parenting New Hampshire also aims to connect readers with family-related businesses and services around the state that can enrich or simplify their lives.

At Double Midnight Comics, we love comics and gaming. Owned and operated by Brett Parker and brothers Chris and Scott Proulx, we opened our doors in July of 2002 in an effort to provide a fun and exciting place to shop and game. Since then, we’ve expanded the store to twice the size, created not one BUT TWO comic conventions (Granite State Comic Con and MASSive Comic Con) and keep looking towards the future to bring new events and items to the shop!

EPLIS is a super fun all ages sci-fi comic series! The powerful and insatiably hungry Krios cross the galaxy on an endless hunt for energy, devouring entire star systems along the way. Meanwhile, the brilliant Dr. Archimedes attempts to unravel an ancient power as old as time itself. Join the crew of the Luna as they embark on a journey across space and time in an attempt to defeat the Krios and unlock powers of the EPLIS!